Thomasville Scene April / May 2019 - Page 75

| spring cleaning | How to choose the perfect paint for your walls Are you thinking of giving your walls a fresh coat of paint this spring? Having a hard time decid- ing what colors to choose? Here are some tips for selecting the perfect shades. • Decide on the room’s entire look before selecting your paint. This will allow you to really pull the room together with color. • Once you’ve settled on the design of a room and chosen the furniture and accessories, take inspira- tion from a color featured in a favorite area rug or throw. This will ensure your room looks pulled to- gether. • If you’re painting rooms that open into each other, make the transition seamless by choosing colors that are two or three shades apart on the same paint chip. • Choose a neutral paint for rooms where some- thing else is the focal point. Bold hues work best in rooms where everything else is understated. • A tiny paint chip isn’t enough to let you know if the color will work in a given room. Instead, buy a sample and paint a small area so you can see the color during different times of the day. No matter your style, following these tips will help you find the perfect new color for your walls. Thomasville Scene April - May 2019 75