Thomasville Scene April / May 2019 - Page 51

Men’s spring fashion: what to wear this season Looking to upgrade your wardrobe this spring? Here are the key pieces to look for. Shorts for all occasions Shorts are more stylish than ever this season. Choose practical shorts with lots of pockets or dare to show more of your legs in short shorts. Don’t hesitate to dress them up and wear them with a blazer for special events and parties. Go green If you’re going to wear one color this spring, make it green. Sage is a perfect mix of noticeable and neu- tral and khaki goes with everything. Trench coats A classic for a reason, trench coats are perfect for keeping you warm, dry and stylish. Choose basic beige or opt for something that has a unique print. If you’re looking to update your look this season, choose runway items that are suited to the modern man including shorts, loose fitting clothes and any- thing that’s green or has pockets. Utility pockets You won’t struggle to carry your wallet, keys and phone anymore. Pockets are popping up every- where, from the cargo pants that are back in style to safari type vests adorned with pockets aplenty. Supersize your wardrobe Looser styles are trending this season from button down shirts to pants and double-breasted jackets. Just make sure they fit around the waist and in your shoulders for a casual look that suits you well. Thomasville Scene April - May 2019 51