Thomasville Scene April / May 2019 - Page 50

| fashion | Trending Spring Fashions for 2019 Spring fashion trends for women Wondering what you should be wearing this spring? Here are the trends you’ll see everywhere this season. Prints Not for the faint of heart, tropical and animal prints, polka dots and tie-dye dominate this season. Mix them all together for a bold look, or wear a single pattern from head to toe to make an impact. Color If prints aren’t your thing, go for a bold splash of color. Canary yellow is huge this season as are other festive and warm shades like red, orange and coral. Vibrant neon hues are also up and coming. Oversized Bigger is better when it comes to basically every- thing this spring. Opt for big shoulders and wide- legged pants for work, and choose ruffles, bows and ample sleeves for party dresses. Bohemian You’ll want to live in flowing caftans in all colors and sizes this season. Pair them with crochet gar- ments for an eclectic ‘70s vibe. Sheer Sheer skirts, pants and dresses in all shapes, colours and prints are trending this spring. Wear these items over hot pants, bike shorts or, if you’re feel- ing cheeky, undergarments. Bike shorts Not just for working out or as a foundation under sheer layers anymore, this season’s bike shorts take center stage. Try them in classic black or a playful print. This spring, turn heads by borrowing inspiration from these hot and happening fashion trends. 50 April - May 2019 Thomasville Scene