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Beauty enhanced What to know before committing to hair extensions However, hair extensions can lead to less than desirable results such as hair breakage, traction alopecia (hair that falls out due to the weight and pressure of the extensions on hair follicles) or even a scalp infection if your hair gets pulled out or you get scratched by a needle. Here’s what you need to know to avoid a hair extension disaster. • There are many different types of exten- sions: be sure to choose the variety that’s best for your hair and lifestyle. • Not all training is equal: many hairstylists have some extension training, but working with an extension specialist will ensure the best possible outcome. If you have fine, delicate hair that never seems to grow past a cer- tain length, you may be tempted to give it a boost. Many women use semi-permanent hair extensions to get the long, thick hair they want. • Be prepared for upkeep: extensions are high maintenance and styling them will prob- ably take longer than styling your natural hair. You may also need to buy new products to make the extensions last. Hair extensions can be a great way to enhance your look. Just be sure to do your research to avoid a hairy situation. TYPES OF HAIR EXTENSIONS: TYPE DESCRIPTION LIFESPAN* Clip-in Temporary extensions that add length and volume for one night. 1 year Tape-in Thin, one-inch long strips of hair that are “taped” to the natural hair by a professional.  8 weeks (can be reused up to 3 times) Sew-in/weave Hair is tightly braided into cornrows and strips of extensions are sewn on. 4 to 6 weeks Fusion/pre-bonded Small, individual bundles of hair are bonded to similar size sections of natural hair, usually by applying heat. 12 weeks Microlink Similar to pre-bonded extensions, except the natural hair is pulled through a tiny metal loop, which is then clamped closed 3 to 6 months *Lifespans apply if hair extensions are made of high-quality human hair and are properly cared for. 24 April - May 2019 Thomasville Scene