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Beauty enhanced Five important questions to ask during your plastic surgery consultation Once you’ve decided to have plastic surgery, the next step is to find the right surgeon. You can start by getting recommenda- tions and reading online reviews to narrow down your choices, but before making a commitment to any one surgeon, it’s best to con- sult with at least a couple. This is the time to ask all the important questions including these five: 1. Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons? 2. Can I see before and after photos of your work? 3. Do you specialize in the procedure I’m looking for and how often have you performed it? 4. Will the surgery take place in a private office or at a hospital and do you have hospital privileges if you operate in your office? 5. What are the complications that can occur with this surgery and what steps will be taken if there are any? Always make sure it’s the actual surgeon and not an assistant or nurse who you speak to during the consultation. 3 hair removal techniques Ready to bare a little more skin? Thinking about hair removal? These are the top hair removal techniques you might want to try. • Shaving is easy, inexpensive and can be done in the comfort of your own home. The drawbacks include the possibility of getting ingrown hairs and the fact that hair grows back quickly. You’ll need to shave every three to five days to stay smooth. • Waxing and sugaring are very similar, and only differ in the prod- uct used, not in technique. Hair is removed at the root ensuring that the effects last for up to a month. Hair also tends to grow back thinner. The main drawback is that these techniques can be painful. However, some people say sugaring hurts less because it doesn’t adhere to live skin cells like waxing does. • Laser treatment is the most expensive hair removal technique but can remove unwanted hair for good. Laser treatments work best for people with pale to medium skin and dark hair, so people with dark skin or pale hair may be out of luck. No matter what technique you choose, protect your skin by using clean materials and visiting qualified technicians. 22 April - May 2019 Thomasville Scene The best surgeons are the ones who not only have exceptional surgical skills but are also able to inspire confidence in their pa- tients. If you find a surgeon who does excellent work and answers all your questions in a friendly and honest manner, you’ve likely found the right cosmetic surgeon for you. Always make sure it’s the actual surgeon and not an assis- tant or nurse that you speak to during the consultation.