Thomasville Scene April / May 2019 - Page 20

Beauty enhanced Three ways to enhance your eyelashes Long, dark and curled eyelashes are great for making your eyes stand out but can take a lot of effort to achieve. If you’d like to spend less time on your makeup routine, here are three ways to enhance your natural lashes. 1. Tinting Are your lashes so pale they’re almost invisible? If so, tinting will make them stand out. This quick procedure involves the use of a temporary, vegetable-based dye and can last for three to five weeks. 2. Lash perming Are your lashes super straight? If you tend to rely on your eye- lash curler, try a lash perm. During this procedure eyelashes get wrapped around a tiny roller or brushed up against the eyelid. Solu- tions are then applied to change the shape of the hair for up to six weeks. 3. Lash extensions Eyelash extensions will make you feel like a Hollywood celebrity. The procedure involves getting lashes individually glued to your nat- ural eyelashes to give you a look that’s as understated or as dramatic as you want. Lash extensions need to be touched up every two to three weeks. When performed by an experienced professional, these tech- niques will allow you to put your eyelash curler and mascara away, saving you time and effort in the morning. 20 April - May 2019 Thomasville Scene