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uncover a conf with beauty at When you walk into the calming and tranquil reception room at Nelson Beauty Therapy, you can be confident you are in the capable hands of a business that has achieved recognition and distinction within the community. As the providers of leading edge technology in the area of beauty, you are assured to receive the best quality service and treatment techniques available within the industry today. “I was brought up covering myself in oil, and bathing in the sun for hours,” laughs Nelson Beauty Therapy owner, Bridget Tuson. “If I only knew in my early 20s the importance of a good skincare routine, including mineral makeup and SPF.” Our understanding of skin care and beauty has changed. Tanning in the sun for hours or caking ourselves in makeup made up of harmful chemicals is a thing of the past. With new innovative techniques and technology constantly being designed and introduced with the wellbeing of our skin in mind, providers can now offer pain free, rejuvenating and life changing treatments to achieve incredible beauty results. At Nelson Beauty Therapy, Bridget takes pride in offering these new techniques to their clients with a wide range of top-of-the-line beauty treatments covering everything from head to toe, including waxing, tinting eyelashes, microdermabrasion, massage and spray tanning. Now with the addition of a new laser hair removal machine late last year... ...pain-free hair removal is a new focus. Bridget says many customers fear the process but new technology means they don’t have to suffer for beauty. “Laser hair removal used to be like hot rubber bands pinging your skin,” she says. “But the new system cools as it heats, resulting in pain free treatment. We offer a free consultation and a patch test so that people can feel it and believe it for themselves.” Bridget says customers need between six and eight sessions per body area (eg underarm, upper lip, chin, bikini area, back, lower leg) and generally have one session a month. It’s popular with men for back and chest hair removal too. As the industry is ever-changing to match the needs of its customers, it is important that a variety of options are available to suit the needs of each individual. “There’s a lot to be said for confidence and wellbeing in looking after yourself, and we offer a variety of beneficial treatments suitable for both men and women.” Based on her proactive industry awareness, Bridget has also ensured a focus on men’s skincare - something in which Nelson Beauty has seen a marked increase, particularly in the demand for facials. Bridget says the clinics other top focus is on non-surgical facial treatments, microdermabrasion and sonophoresis - a treatment that uses soundwave technology to increase the depth and rate that treatment products can be absorbed in ѼѡͭM)́́ͅɔѕݥѠѡɕձ́)ѡ͔ɕѵ̸q%ӊé饹ЁЁх)9ͽ 䁥́ѕЁȁѼѡAI<5ѕɅ́́1 ѽMՅɔ9ͽ