this&that Magazine Marl Sept 2017 - Page 20

STORY BY MARIA HINE | PHOTO’S BY SUSIE WILLIAMS Alhana Clendon, Kate Franken, Celebrating 10 Years Of Thanks to this amazing team, we can put our best There are a few parts on your body that just do their thing and as a consequence we tend to neglect them a bit. And we tend to keep not paying any real attention to these parts, just treating them with the normal day-to-day care. Until they start to hurt. Then, we are really reminded that they are there and an important part of us. Think of your teeth, hands, elbows, knees, hips…and feet. Okay, okay, so feet aren’t the most glamorous things in the world, but they are what propel most of us through our daily existence. And we give them a hard life, other than occasionally throwing some paint at our toes to make them prettier, or remembering to moisturise them when we suddenly realise that summer is just around the corner! I have to admit, I fall in the ‘well, my feet are still attached and doing what they are supposed to’ category. I forget to take care of my feet properly. I make the appropriate ‘ouch’ noises when stepping on gravel in bare feet. I don’t paint my toenails often enough, and wear high heels much more than is necessary. I was given the opportunity to talk to Matt and Kate Franken in the lead up to Blenheim Podiatry’s 10th anniversary. I jumped at the chance, for, they are hilariously good fun to talk to. Given the fact that between Matt, Kate and Blenheim Podiatry’s latest podiatrist, Alhana, they have over 30 years' experience, I thought they could tell me all about the neglect I am putting my feet through every )5Ё-єхѕ)ѡͥ́ȁA䁑)ݥѠɕٕѥ͕̰ɕѵ)ɕхѥѥ́ͽѕ)ݥѠȁа́ݕȁ̸)%Ё䁉ɽݸѽѡЁ)ɥ٥ԁɅ䰁͕ȁٕ)ɽչɍ́ɥЁѡɽ՝Ѽ)́͡ѡЁ͔ԁݡ)չQ͔ɔѡѡ́ѡЁ)ɽ䁅ͽєݥѠ) аԁٔȁ)ѡ͔ѕٔɽЁ͔ݕ)ȁ́ݕ)%ӊéЁͅɥ䁥䁽ȁ啅́)Ѐ䁍͔ѡЁ͔)ѼȁЁ̸=)ɽѡЁѡ )Aѕѕ͕́ɕ)5QQ!\-QI9-8 ȁ ɱ̀M嵽ȁMɕ̰ ̀܀