this&that Magazine Marl Sept 2017 - Page 16

Locals looking Working with you to enha Dr David Orsbourn has become the go-to man in Nelson and Marlborough for Varicose Vein treatment. His clinics at enhanceskin, Buxton Square in Nelson and the Churchill Trust Private Hospital in Blenheim, continue to grow in popularity, and David finds that he no longer needs to spread the word about the walk-in walk- out vein treatments he performs, because his patients are doing it for him. He says, “People can’t believe the difference it makes, it’s quite literally life changing.” David finds he is regularly treating family, friends and workmates of past patients who have seen the results from the non- invasive procedures he performs, and have unveiled their legs for the first time in years! But David stresses, it’s not just about aesthetics, it’s also about pain relief. He says, “People can’t believe how instantaneous the relief from heavy legs is following the procedure. I treated one client who drove to work every day because she couldn’t endure the short fifteen-minute walk home. She was literally walking to work and home again, the day after her procedure.” David adds that the great advantage that this method of treatment has over surgery is the minimal downtime involved, “The vein treatments we perform have very little impact on daily living following the procedure. There are three simple post-treatment rules to follow: wear compression stockings, walk forty-five minutes a day and avoid immediate international air travel." Asked whether the surgery is painful, David assures us that he’s compared favourably to going to the dentist. The treatments offered are all outpatient procedures and require no general anaesthesia or hospital stay. “In fact you’re even able to drive yourself home after a short walk”, says David. It’s clear that David has a real passion for what he does. “I never tire of seeing the profound effect the results of these treatments have; to know that I’ve helped improve a client’s quality of life, is just gold. It means I’ve done what I set out to do.” enhanceskin has also met an increase in demand for the facial aesthetics treatments they offer. Registered Nurse, Lacey Boyd offers clinics at enhanceskin, Buxton Square in Nelson whilst also travelling to Marlborough on a regular basis, where she sees clients at the Churchill Trust Private Hospital in Blenheim. Lacey has been expertly tutored in facial rejuvenation techniques and treatments by Dr. David Orsbourn. Her gentle touch and calming manner, combined with the enhanceskin ethos of helping their clients age gracefully, has proved to be a winning combination. Lacey says, “One of the most common concerns our clients express is that they don’t want to look ‘done’ following a cosmedical treatment, and that’s the last thing we want as well!” She a rms that aging is part of life, and as people grow older, they should expect their face and bone structure to change, often leaving folds, hollows, sagging and asymmetries. Lacey continues, “We can’t, and don’t, aim to turn back the clock on ageing completely, but we can help correct facial asymmet ɥ̰ɕձѥձȰɔ)ѕAɽ٥ȁѼMѡɸ ɽ́!ѠM䁙ȁٕ́1͕ȁQɕѵЁUɅͽչեMɽѡɅ