this&that Magazine Feb 2018 - Page 24

Discover the ad in Jeweller Gem expert Brett Grimwood loves the fact his customers Brett, who owns RoCS jewellers in Richmond, says the most popular request across the counter at his Queen Street shop is for “something different”. He says he enjoys designing “weird funky stuff” and loves using less common stones such as citrine, sunstone and rhodolite. “With the amount of bespoke pieces we are making, it shows people are more aware that they don’t have to buy the mass-produced stuff that’s available from chain stores nowadays,” Brett says. His two qualified jewellers - Michael Gregory, who has about 50 years' experience and Sarah Neale, with about 10 - do make more traditional diamond engagement rings but as a rule, the RoCS customer base tends to be older and so the requests are more varied. He shows me a big chunky ring they are making for a 25th wedding anniversary, as an example. “Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend but there’s some amazing coloured stuff out there. We like to give our customers more of an option. We import lots of unusual stones that most New Zealanders would have never heard about," says Brett. These include iolite, quartz, tourmaline, and Zultanite (bought in from Turkey) and brown diamonds from the Kimberley Mines in Western Australia. Brett started out as a registered jewellery valuer, and valuing is still a significant part of the business, but he decided to set up a retail premises in 2002. “I like the contact with people and the design aspect. We’re the only ones in the Top of the South that have two New Zealand qualified jewellers as well as a full gemology testing facility and are registered valuers.” Re-working treasured - but perhaps dated - jewellery that people have 238a Queen Street . Richmond . NEL