Think Freedom 2015 - 2020 Think Freedom 2015 - 2020 catalogue - Page 15

Project Think Freedom began in Sarajevo in 2015 at the Sarajevo City Hall with an installation presented as the first contemporary art piece inside the newly renovated City Hall atrium. Think Freedom 2016 - includes project installations and exhibition in regional centers: Banja Luka in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art and in Novi Sad (Serbia) in collaboration with SKCNS Fabrika. Think Freedom 2017/2018 - includes project installation and exhibition: in Ljubljana in partnership with the City of Ljubljana, in Skopje in partnership with Skopsko Leto, in Rovinj in partnership with Weekend Media Fest and Galerija Adris. The project tour will then continue throughout Europe in Bratislava (Slovakia) in partnership with the Curatorial Studies Institute, in Veszprem (Hungary) in partnership with the City of Veszprem, in Copenhagen (Denmark) in partnership with BellaTV, in Kaunas (Lithuania) in partnership with Meda Project, in Barcelona (Spain) in partnership with Espronceda, in Palermo (Italy) in partnership with Centro Interculturale Artistico Siciliano. Talks are ongoing for the project presentation in Berlin, Vienna, and Lisbon. The project will then travel to Ecuador and Argentina. Think Freedom 2019/2020 - the installation will be presented in Asia, Africa, Australia and United States. The final Think Freedom presentation is scheduled in New York City at Daag Hammerskjold Plaza in 2020. Special pavilion at Venice Biennial is intended in 2019.