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Young guns Fred Hope For me, competitions aren’t as valuable as they are for a park rider. I specialize in what you would call ‘strapless freestyle foil’, something that doesn’t really have any competitions that include it. I really just enjoy being out there with friends and exploring. Going fast is fun too, but it tends to hurt a lot when you fall! NAME: Fred Hope AGE: 18 MAIN SPONSOR(S): Slingshot/Ride Engine HOME SPOT: Hood River Event Site and in front of Baja Joes in La Ventana ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: > Kiteboard for Cancer Derby – 1st place in a team for the last couple years. > 1st place in the Blowout this last summer. > 3rd place in the La Ventana Classic on a surfboard (I watched Reider Decker throw down a double front in front of me!) I’M RIDING: The 111 Ghost Whisperer with the 590 wing. For the board, I have the new Micro Dwarf Craft. For the harness I use a medium Carbon Elite because I like the larger surface area in addition to the hard shell factor. For kites, I use the SST when I’m foiling, and the Rally when I’m riding the surfboard. For surfboards, I really like the Angry Swallow. BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My biggest inspiration is probably the guys at Slingshot. Tony Logosz, Alex Bloechinger, and Matt Gustafson especially. I spend a lot of time in the office with them and they are always giving me ideas to implement when I’m kiting. university… If it’s not windy, I’ll go for a bike ride or pump foil off the docks by the water. I’M CURRENTLY… LISTENING TO: Bruce Springsteen Radio WATCHING: Rake, the Australian lawyer/ comedy show on Netflix READING: My University booklist MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A flying fish. IN 2028 I WILL BE: If I knew that I probably wouldn’t be struggling to figure out my major right now… @fredhope17 IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Definitely have kiting on the top of the list for this one! Up in Seattle right now studying at YO U N G G U N S 99