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Osaia Reding I’M RIDING: F-ONE Bandit, F-ONE WTF!? GIRL BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Gisela Pulido IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Have fun with my friends skateboarding. I’M CURRENTLY… LISTENING TO: All sorts of music… Reggae, Brazilian funk, Reggaeton WATCHING: Kite videos to give me some inspiration, and some series on Netflix because I’m a Netflix addict! NAME: Osaia Reding AGE: 14 MAIN SPONSOR(S): F-ONE, Manera, La Barraca do Kite, Mojacar, Mood Swiss Ring HOME SPOT: Mojacar, Spain ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: > Vice Junior World Champion 2016 > Junior World Champion 2017 > Vice Junior World Champion 2018 > 5th Overall GKA Air Games READING: After by Anna Todd, I’m also reading books for school but they are less fun to read... MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A bird, I’d love to fly to escape and feel the freedom. IN 2028 I WILL BE: I’ll be old, haha! I hope I’ll still be competing because I love it. I hope I’ll continue to travel, meeting new people and experience different cultures. I will do my best to make my dreams become reality. But who knows what my future will really be like… @osaiakite Theo Demanez NAME: Theo Demanez AGE: 19 MAIN SPONSOR(S): Cabrinha, NP HOME SPOT: My home spot is Orient Bay on the island of St Martin in the Caribbean, a little piece of heaven for watersports. Warm and beautiful all year long, in wintertime it’s an amazing playground, with the north swell and the trade wind blowing. ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: Being able to do what I love, every day. I’ve had the chance to see a lot of different cultures and places around the world thanks to kitesurfing! I’M RIDING: I ride all different types of board with the Cabrinha Moto Kite, although I used to ride every different kite shape in the Cabrinha range, depending on the conditions and the riding style. What I like the most with the Moto is that in the waves you have the fast turning and drift like the Drifter, lift like the Switchblade in jumps, and the depower and loopy feeling of an FX. And it doesn’t matter if you have a twintip, surfboard, or foilboard under your feet, this kite feels amazing. Now I can travel with only one kite that excels in every discipline. BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Kai Lenny. He is such an outstanding athlete, one of the best in so many different water sports. IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Be in the ocean, and also stay on the beach flying the drone, taking photos and videos of my mates on the water. I’M CURRENTLY… LISTENING TO: Yultron - Ride With You WATCHING: Riding Zone (French TV) READING: ‘How to become fluent in Spanish’ MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A fox, it has the awareness to get the most out of any situation… responsiveness is a key quality to succeed in everything. IN 2028 I WILL BE: I want to have a world title, doing some product development in kitesurfing and foiling, and be based in Hawaii or maybe live on a sail boat. @theo_demanez 97