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Out in town Old San Juan is a very famous, picturesque spot in Puerto Rico, the colorful little houses right on the cliff make for such a unique background. Aaron, Francesca and Craig took one kite each and did about an hour upwinder through the biggest chop ever to get the gear up there. The rest of us got a boat ride upwind with the camera crew. The spot was in the open sea so the current and the waves made it super difficult for the photographers to sit in the same spot. We’d drop them and let them drift hoping they’d get a few shots before towing them back upwind. We did that for about three hours, the sun was on and off and we were taking turns on the three kites. It was so much harder than we thought but in the end we got a few photos before driving back down. There is something about this part of the world and the way people operate behind the wheel. Is it the heat? I don’t know! Puerto Rico (like the rest of the Caribbean) requires a very special set of skills to survive on the road. Ideally you need at least four eyes and very fast reflexes… It was no surprise to find people driving with their hazard lights on going 100mph on the highway. Since we’d arrived, the locals had told us about this spot called ‘La Praguera’. A reef off the south west of the island surrounded by mangroves and all shades of blue water. You need a boat to get there which filters out the crowds and makes it a very unique spot to ride at. We set up our gear in knee deep crystal clear water and then slashed around in the mangroves or kited the flat waters behind the reef. That place has it all and it’s truly beautiful. We kited until we couldn’t hold on to the bar any longer for three days straight. Once we were finished there we headed back up north for our last days of the trip. We had kited every single day and had gotten so much out of the first days that we decided to take a break and visit San Juan for a night. We had dinner, drinks and found some loud music, but we were done... None of us had enough energy left to make it past 10pm! We had found the warm winds, luxury living and good times as Craig had promised, and we left Puerto Rico amazed by the potential the island has for kiting. It’s great to see that you can still find a slice of paradise for yourself without going too far away. We’ll be back for sure. S T A R P L AY E R S 95