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IT’S THE KIND OF PL ACE WHERE PEOPLE DRIVE GOLF CARTS TO THE BEACH FOR A KITE SESSION... Teed Up On our arrival we were welcomed by Phil and Karla, owners of Good Winds Dorado. Their kite center is in the Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach Golf Resort, the kind of place people drive golf carts to the beach for a kite session. Something we later agreed to call ‘valet’ kiting. Their location is amazing, with jet skis, foils, all the kite gear you can imagine and top class coaching. We were lucky enough to stay right next door. It was the house next to the green on the 18th hole. We settled in and got to work right away. During our first day, the tropical storm brought rain and waves which gave us the chance to scope out the area and see the spots, then later that evening Phil convinced Aaron [Hadlow] and I to go out for a tow in foil surf on the outer reef. I’d only ever foiled with a kite before so I was a bit skeptical about the idea but I have to say it only took one wave to have me hooked all afternoon! The island has two very different looks. The south is your Caribbean white sand beaches with crystal clear water and palm trees. Whereas in the north of the island, you’ll find a rough coastline with cliffs, rocks, black sand and waves. We were based in the north, twenty minutes away from a river mouth with a nice little sandbar. You had to drive along a single lane dirt road at least half of the way, having to pull into the bushes to pass another car. The lane was also full of burned out cars everywhere which made it pretty moody when driving back at night. The spot was just big enough to fit us five riding at the same time, but always keeping in mind not to crash our kites on the logs the river had brought downstream. Those sessions turned into little throw downs, doing laps with Stefan Spiessberger, Francesca Bagnoli, Aaron and Craig feeding off each other’s tricks and slowly stacking clips. S T A R P L AY E R S 91