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ahiti is a place I’ve wanted to get back to for a long time, but surprisingly this trip was actually a super last minute one for us. Funnily enough, both myself and Reo Stevens were actually on a flight home from Fiji after a coaching gig for one of his clients when we saw the swell. After not really getting the kiting conditions we were after at Cloudbreak for ourselves, and with some time to spare, this swell looked too good to be true and before we knew it, we were lining everything up for a quick four-day mission to Tahiti. It’s rare to actually have late season swells like that in the South Pacific, but due to the time of the year, it had the potential to be empty with perfect wind for kiting so – after a quick stop back in Hawaii to top up on some gear – we were on another plane to Tahiti. M AG I C M O M E N TS 81