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STUFF We like the look of... 5. 6. 7. 8. 5. CrazyFly Shorty 6. Nobile Flying Carpet Split 7. Manera Blizzard Jacket 8. F-ONE TRAX ESL CrazyFly have shaken the foil world up with the introduction of their Up and Master foils which we have loved riding… For those less far into their foil journey, they now also have the Shorty, a full carbon all-round freeride foil suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. The shorter mast prevents vertigo when you’re learning, and the 590cm front wing has the highest lift in the CF range for early take off at low speed and maximum stability. Welcome to the world of easy foiling…. Where are you heading on your next winter trip? Somewhere where it should be 18 knots, but it might be 8? If that’s the case then you can slot the Flying Carpet Split into your standard luggage and then unleash the beast if the wind stays light. It’s a miracle of modern engineering. It’s immediately clear that Manera’s philosophy of not introducing products until they are 100% happy with them applies to the Blizzard Jacket. It’s a waterproof jacket, yes, but it is much more than that as well... It’s breathable, then its three laminated layers trap heat and stops the wind and – for on the water fun – there are two side pockets to feed the spreader bar through. So whether you’re megalooping or launching your mate’s kite, the Blizzard has you covered… If you want the top tech that you’ve come to expect from F-ONE but you want to reduce the hit on your bank balance then the TRAX ESL brings the many years of evolution that have made the TRAX the powerhouse it is today, mixes that up with a few of the features from the WTF?!, and brings you a versatile and durable board for fun-filled sessions.