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STUFF We like the look of... 1. 2. 4. 3. 1. Flysurfer PEAK4 2. Mystic Majestic 3. ION Jackets If you want to get stuck in to some serious backcountry exploration this winter then you need a kite that is easy to use, quick to pack up, and offers immediate depower if conditions get sketchy. The PEAK4 ticks all of those boxes, plus Flysurfer’s unique Single-Skin concept brings the weight and pack size right down so you can easily pack two or three PEAKs for your mission… Not 100% sold on the hard shell harness options? Want a harness that is super stiff but not completely ‘locked in’? Then Mystic would point you in the direction of their Majestic. It has stiff horizontal support but is still able to twist and flex around your body for maximum freedom of movement. The best of both worlds? Pretty much… Whether you’re teaching lessons, determined to manage a three session day even in winter, or just want a bombproof option if the weather comes in while you’re out walking the dog, these jackets can be worn in or out of the water and provide that all-important extra layer to keep your core temp up where it should be… Pictured here, the Neo Shelter Jacket Amp and the Neo Cosy Coat Core Women. 4. Ride Hooded Engine APOC If you’re starting to feel the fear when the wind is in but the temperature is dropping then you probably need to find yourself some top end neoprene. The APOC is as good as it gets with its hood, fleece lining and liquid rubber seams keeping your body heat in and the cold water out.