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This issue, the rider with more positive energy than the rest of the kiteboarding population put together takes us through his board of choice when conditions turn on. I joined the Naish team in 2011 and the Global has been in the Naish range longer than that, so it is very well established. It’s always been the high-performance shortboard built for the riders that want to charge in sick waves. The Global is built around a CNC precision-cut, closed-cell foam, with a bamboo laminate on the top and bottom, all wrapped with a high tensile, lightweight fiberglass. The deep single concave maximizes speed and drive, as well as slicing through chop. The rocker is continuous through the board with extra kick in the tail for making tight and snappy turns in the pocket. The rails are thinned out and squared off through the tail for incredible control while carving at speed. The Naish fins are made with real bits of baby panther, so you know they’re good. Not really. They are actually Naish’s unique Carbon Torsion Cross Fins which provide as much grip and drive as you are ever going to need. I’ll ride the Global for freestyle as well. We tend to ride the best on the gear we are accustomed to, so if I’ve been riding the Global a lot, then my freestyle is good on the Global. Though the Skater is our freestyle board and has elements that I think make it the best strapless board I’ve ever tried, the Global does provide an excellent and stable base for all your strapless desires. I’m confident pushing the Global and doing airs as there are additional impact resistant patches in the stance area for added durability. I aim to kite most days but I only kite if it is definitely ‘on’. There are so many ways to physically and mentally train to be at the top of the game, and trying to ride when the conditions aren’t there isn’t one of them. I love being involved in product development, it’s such a gratifying experience. It’s great to work with an incredible team and problem solve our way to perfection… The Global has changed shape over the years as our technology has allowed us to achieve more with one board. The more rounded shape gives the board very playful characteristics, while still maintaining its original hold and stability through the most radical of turns. The Global is built for the big days, the days we remember, the days that we all talk about for years. I personally love my Pivot for waves as it’s the fastest most responsive kite I’ve ever flown, so when the Pivot is paired with the Global and sick conditions, I feel limitless! I don’t put the front pad on and go for wax instead. Some might think waxing isn’t manly but I beg to differ. With the Go-To, Skater and Global in the range it is great to have options to choose from. There is a time and place for each board, and the wide variety of conditions that we can shred in is one of the most beautiful aspects of our sport. I rock the Global when it’s firing, the Go-To when it’s smaller and sloppier, and the Skater when it’s onshore. I’M ON IT - JESSE RICHMAN 55