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Butter flat conditions at the famous Speed Spot After hours… If you are a kiter then you know the feeling of being totally empty in the evening after a great day on the water. Now imagine adding some business issues to that. Tired? For sure... But if you think that this is how the evening ends you’re wrong – there is always time for a proper party, right? At least at the B2B Kite Summit there was. There was an ‘All White Clothes’ party in the Beach Bar on the first evening, a pro riders party on the second and – definitely the highlight! – a Burning Kite party on the final evening where super crazy outfits like they wear at the legendary Burning Man festival were called for. Burning Man may be bigger, but the size doesn’t matter if the vibe is as awesome as it was on this evening in Dakhla. The dinner buffet (with huge, fresh fish and everything else you could wish for), tables and the bar were placed outside close to the beach, there was a fire-breathing show before the big fire on the beach was lit, and then the DJ got going on the turntables. All the while the bar staff were super busy creating (simply awesome!) Mojitos for the highly-motivated party crowd… It was an amazing night. The event was a true success, so much so that dates for next year’s B2B Kite Summit are already set – the event will take place from the 25th to 29th September. And Laurent promises an even bigger summit. “We want to increase the number of participants up to 300. This year we had mainly French entrepreneurs here, but for the 2019 event we want to have entrepreneurs from all over Europe. For this reason each year the summit will associate with a host country, so for 2019 it will focus on entrepreneurs from Germany and Austria! There will also be even more variety in the program – for example we want to offer the possibility for young pro riders to find sponsor companies within the B2B Kite Summit.” And for me? No matter what, I have to go there again next year! The Burning Kite party PROFILE 49