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What really impressed me was the fact that, although people had extremely different levels, the kiting part was perfectly organized; on the one hand by the Dakhla Attidude’s (huge!) Rifly Watersports Center, managed by Larbi Ederkaoui, and on the other hand by Alexis Grandemange who took charge of all the kite events and water activities for the 200 participants – from organizing lessons, a surf trip to the Westpoint spot and even a downwinder with 100 people to Dakhla’s famous White Dune. Alexis, who had managed a kiteschool in Australia for several years, explained that, “the biggest challenge was to bring 200 people onto the water and to guarantee the riding pleasure for everyone. Logistics and timing have to be perfect.” Well, I was really surprised that there was no chaos and all the kiters seemed pretty stoked – beginners had huge smiles about their progress, more experienced kiters could explore the lagoon on their own and practice their moves in the seemingly endless space, and could also challenge each other in a Big Air contest, organized by F-ONE team rider Aurélien Pétreau, or meet the F-ONE team with Raphaël Salles and test their latest equipment. Alexis also points to the philosophy of the event: “The best thing is that it’s not only about business because on the water everyone is the same. It’s about the spirit that people share here.” And this spirit was obvious throughout the event. Aurélien Pétreau and Raphaël Salles on stage Logistics and timing have to be perfect. Nevertheless, let’s not only talk about the kitesurfing aspect – because the B2B Kite Summit had more than that! And of course there has to be a schedule to keep everything in order with so many people involved, and to guarantee that there’s enough time for business issues. So after breakfast there was time for networking and 1-to-1 meetings (which were like ‘business speed dates’). Then after lunch there was also networking time, and in the evening there were different keynotes with the sponsors. The F-ONE team also took to the stage to answer current questions, and their team rider Aurélien Pétreau talked about how to combine a successful career in real estate with professional kitesurfing: he started his business nine years ago when he invested in one apartment, and he now owns 45! Two years ago he started to compete and also registered for the King Of The Air, where he wants to bring new creative tricks and push the limits. Overall the mix of topics, the amount of competent advice and fresh ideas and inspiration within the evening keynotes really blew my mind – I think no matter which field your business is in, you could not fail to have come away inspired. The 1 to 1 meetings The stoke is real