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HOW'S THE SET UP AT THE CAPE TOWN BEACHES CHANGED OVER THE YEARS? Beaches have for sure got smaller over the years, but other than that there are lots of new faces and there has been huge progression over the years. That would be the biggest change for me. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR PERFECT DAY? My perfect day would firstly have to be in Cape Town with the south east wind blowing around 40 to 50 knots, 4 to 6 foot kickers, out on my 8m GTS5 on 20m lines with my Carved board. TALK US THROUGH ONE SESSION THAT STANDS OUT FOR YOU THERE? A session that stands out for me would be the one when Ruben, Ross and myself went to Misty Cliffs last season. I have probably only scored this place like this twice ever. It was about 50 knots, I was out on my 8m and got to throw down some of the biggest megaloops I have ever thrown. It’s sessions like this that I absolutely just thrive on! WHERE'S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT AFTER A SOLID LOOPING SESSION? Jerry’s is always a good option… they got loads of tasty burgers and beers. DO YOU THINK YOU WOULD HAVE GOT TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY IF CAPE TOWN HADN'T BECOME YOUR HOME SPOT? I would definitely say moving from Durban to Cape Town played a role in creating some exposure for myself. Cape Town is one of the biggest hubs for kiting and everyone comes here in season. So if you can throw it down and know how to send it, you will slowly build a name for yourself in the sport. IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE ANOTHER SPOT THAT YOU LOVE BUT THAT IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, WHERE WOULD IT BE? Mauritius would have to be my choice, as it is just an incredible place with amazing people and the sickest waves to ride. Big Air means a lot to me but riding waves is also a big part of who I am. I love getting shacked or hitting the lip as much as sending a big fat megaloop.