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IF THERE IS ONE RIDER WHO EPITOMIZES THE RESURGENCE OF THE WORLD OF BIG AIR AND THE 'LEAVE NOTHING LEFT IN THE TANK' ATTITUDE OF THE CURRENT CROP OF HARDCORE BIG AIR RIDERS, THEN IT WOULD HAVE TO BE JOSHUA EMMANUEL. RELATIVELY UNKNOWN UNTIL A COUPLE OF SEASONS AGO, HIS INSANE HEIGHT AND COMMITMENT PUT HIM ON THE RADAR AND CORE WERE QUICK TO SNAP HIM UP. JUMP FORWARD AND HE HELD THE GLOBAL WOO HEIGHT RECORD FOR A RECORD AMOUNT OF TIME, AND CONTINUES TO PROVE HIS BALLS-TO-THE-WALL SKILLS AT THE VERY HIGHEST LEVEL WITH HIS EYES ON THE KING OF THE AIR PRIZE FOR 2019... PHOTOS: Brendan Pieterse WHAT ARE YOUR FIRST RECOLLECTIONS OF KITING? I was very fortunate as a kid as we used to live 20m from the beach. So my first recollections of the beach would be going down with my friends to go for shorebreak sessions bodysurfing after school, around the age of six or seven. Kiting first began for me in 2004 in Durban. CAN YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST CAPE TOWN SESSIONS? When I first got to Cape Town I had heard about it, but hearing was nothing… When I actually got to ride here I couldn’t believe the power in the wind and how high you could go. Five years later I am still here and super stoked to now be living here. Every summer brings new adventures and boundaries to be pushed. WHO DID YOU GROW UP RIDING WITH AND WHO DO YOU RIDE WITH NOW? When I started there were four of us groms at the time: myself, Lorenzo, Bryce and Stuart. We are all still riding together 14 years later. I have also got to know the Cape Town crew over the past years and it has been an absolute pleasure. CAN YOU TALK US THROUGH THE TYPICAL CONDITIONS NOWADAYS? In Cape Town if I get woken up by wind at 7am and it’s blowing 30 knots, I know I’m in no rush for the day as strong wind in the morning generally means that it will nuke even harder that afternoon. Wind in Cape Town will blow in the morning and drop at midday, it will then start picking up again around 2, and by 6pm we generally have around 30 knots plus. 43