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MATT ELSASSER Q | What do you think we need to do in the industry to get more female kiters on the water? There are lots of things we can do. Post and publish more content of women ripping online and in magazines. Have more girls-only kite camps. Encourage women to compete. The GKA is making a good effort with this, they are more equally distributing the prize money based on number of applicants, and we are seeing more female competitors. Also, give girls real sponsorships. The top female athletes who are putting in as much time and effort as the top male athletes should be paid fairly. Then we’d see more girls’ trips, more content, and more women on the water. MATCHU LOPES Q | Have you thought about riding Jaws? If yes, what would be the right day for you to have your first go? I’m not really an adrenaline junkie, so I’ve never had the desire to go and search for the biggest waves, but if the opportunity arose, I wouldn’t say no! It would have to be a day with good wind and I would need someone on a ski or kite watching out for me for safety. ANNELOUS LAMMERTS Q | When you come from a place like Hawaii, is it difficult to leave and travel to places that might not be as good as home? I’m not gonna lie, I’m definitely spoiled by home. But I’m grateful to have the opportunity to travel to other places around the world. It’s always a good experience whether it’s hanging out with other kiters, seeing a different culture, or finding new waves. I’m always happy to go on a trip, and it’s especially exciting to go somewhere new. But maybe it’s easier knowing Hawaii will always be there waiting for me… Whyte TA N G L E D L I N E S 39