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OLIVIA JENKINS Q | Moona you’ve traveled all over the world for kiting. What’s your favorite wave and why? I want to say my home spot on Oahu because it’s a right hander. I know it so well, and I can time it when nobody is out. But I guess everyone loves their home spot on its best days… I haven’t gotten Ponta Preta good, but I could see its potential so that might be my favorite if I got it on a good swell! TKM Q | Do you also paddle surf on the North Shore? Yes, I love paddle surfing as much as I love kiting. I guess the North Shore is known for its heavy surf, and the waves are a lot more powerful than some places, but there are also mellow waves. I live at a surf spot called Lanis so I surf there all the time, and it’s pretty mellow and they even do surf lessons there when it’s small. The only thing is that it gets really crowded on the North Shore, and you’re lucky to find an empty wave. I almost always use my 5’3 Omni by Firewire. It’s a level one certified ecoboard which means it uses recycled materials and is more sustainably manufactured, and it’s the best board I’ve ever ridden!