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THEKITEMAG IS… WATER BORN Published by M E D I A in Hayle, Cornwall, United Kingdom. Advertising enquiries: All material in TheKiteMag is subject to copyright. Reproduction without the express permission of the publishers will result in prosecution. THE TEAM: Editor: Alex Hapgood ( Sub editor: Cai Waggett Art Director: Jody Smith Assistant Art Director: Emma Hegarty SUBMISSIONS: Online: If you have a clip or would like to get something on the website please send it over to us: In the mag: TheKiteMag welcomes both written and photographic submissions. Photography should be submitted in both RAW and edited format. Please note that the publication of written content is generally dependent on the provision of high quality photography, so in the first instance please send photographic samples and a 150 word synopsis of your writing to: YOU CAN FIND THEKITEMAG ON: CONTRIBUTORS: Ben Thouard, Samuel Cardenas, Benjamin Geislinger, Rene Gramme, Joanna Boelen, Chris Curran, Alex Schwarz, Lukas Pitsch, James Boulding, Tracy Shaythorn, Hervé Photograff, Toby Bromwich, Svetlana Romantsova, Nik Ganderton, Laci Kobulsky. This magazine is printed on paper sourced from responsibly managed sources using vegetable based inks. Both the paper used in the production of this brochure and the manufacturing process are FSC® certified. The printers are also accredited to ISO14001, the internationally recognised environmental standard.