TheKiteMag - English (Preview version) TheKiteMag #29 - English (Preview) - Page 15

nights are long, and summer never-ending get to live-the-dream for a few months… All is good with the world. Then, as the evenings start to dim, those first post-session shivers kick in, you start thinking about a hot coffee after your session rather than a cold beer, and the gaze of the kitesurfing masses shifts again. And where to now? Well you only need to sift through the first few pages of this issue for it to be pretty obvious: Brazil. Always a popular migratory destination, for a few years it was almost surpassed by Australia as the ‘all the pros are there’ autumn spot, but the pendulum has truly swung back and Brazil has never before enjoyed such popularity… Not only are all the pros and apparently half the northern European kitesurfing population there, but also the contest world. And not just one, but THREE contests within a two week period... An unmatched achievement by any other global destination. But wait a few weeks and all will once again be quiet in Brazil, as the gaze shifts once again, and another kiting year is complete… So as we finish off another year of TheKiteMag, thank YOU for taking the time to read our magazine. We work hard to continue bringing you the very best kiting content we can, and we look forward to guiding you through kiteboarding’s cycle of life again in 2019… Enjoy the issue, Alex 15