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Talking to the team at OR who are – understandably – big advocates of the Soul, they say that a drysuit isn’t just for the depths of winter and those sub-zero days. What are the advantages of choosing a drysuit over a wetsuit for general use? Drysuits make a quick session count! Think about the luxury you have when showing up to a session and instead of changing into water wear or a wetsuit etc., to be able to just put on a drysuit, go kiting right up until you’re out of time, get out, take off the drysuit and leave! Make every moment count this way by skipping out on drying off, changing and dealing with being cold during the fall and spring seasons where the weather is neither too warm or sub-zero. This suit for general use might not be the best term, as in the dog days of summer it’s still much more comfortable to be in a wetsuit. But for those days where the weather might have kept you in and worried about mid range temperatures that feel much colder when you’re out of the water, the Soul is a dream. Simply put, we’ve eliminated the excuse of it being too cold to go kiting! :front :back 149