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So looking at the Soul, what are the key features that make it stand out from the competition? Ocean Rodeo’s standby mode is the difference-maker to our competition. Take the neck seal off between sessions and re-zip up the jacket component to air out, but to stay warm at the same time. The Soul has always been praised as an athletic drysuit due to its light weight in combination with its ease of mobility. Breathable materials allow for comfort and when worn and in the moment you never realize that it’s there. We’ve built the suit to be durable with reinforced parts in high wear places, and have included precise placements of zippers, pockets and more to allow for kiters to never feel uncomfortable and to avoid any snagging or pressure when wearing a harness. The Soul is streamlined to work with your kiting gear, and not to just be a drysuit. What does the ‘jacket’ do aside from making the suit look less like a drysuit? The jacket allows for the suit to be re-zipped up in standby mode. Wearing a neck seal and being sealed in the suit when fresh off a session can mean that riders aren’t ventilating air as much as they would like. Simply go into standby mode and stay warm by zipping back up. Would you wear usual wetsuit boots and gloves along with the Soul? For the cold water definitely! One challenge of our Western Canadian shores are the rocky lines that we have. Wetsuit boots are worn by most out here and having a suit with ankle seals as opposed to socks allows for a direct feeling from a rider’s foot to the board, allowing for no interference, and no compromise on comfort. What do you think the coldest session has been with someone wearing a Soul and what is it best to wear under your drysuit when it gets really cold? With our suit we’ve seen some amazing feats. Temperatures well below freezing are a regular and we’ve seen use out of Iceland, Canada, Finland, Sweden and Russia to name a few. We’re proud to say that our drysuit lives up to our company mantra of being locally tested and globally approved. Under the suit it’s important to stay warm. Ocean Rodeo’s no zip fleece liner is a great place to start, enabling you to stay warm and dry in the cold conditions. Who buys the Soul apart from kitesurfers? Outdoor adventurists! The SUP community loves the Soul for its mobility and ability to keep adventuring whatever the conditions. Are there any dangers to wearing a drysuit – if it gets a tear and lets water in for example? Drysuits aren’t dangerous as long as they’re well maintained and taken care of. Ensuring that your seals are properly looked after in use, when out of the water, and in storage over the warmer times of the year will ensure that your suit can last for years on end. Tears are highly unlikely and if they do occur in a drysuit it’s important to seek professional help to ensure the integrity of the suit. Drysuits are a big part of the business at OR. You have some pretty exciting sounding other suits including the MSOS (Maritime Surface Operation Suit) which can only be sold to members of NATO! As well as kitesurfers, are you really kitting out ‘black ops’ James Bond kind of people?! And what applications and features do these kind of suits have? Ocean Rodeo’s MSOS suit is our offering to those who engage in keeping the world at peace, in humanitarian efforts and much, much more. We’re proud to not just offer our products to those who want to adventure out in the water, but to expand that to those who are protecting them. These suits are built to be tough and durable, while allowing further application for those who need to further add on to the suit (think utility belts, streamlined pfd’s and more). James Bond can only wish he had one of these!