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There’s being a committed kitesurfer, and then there is being a committed kitesurfer… If you want to be seriously getting excited about a session when there may be snow on the beach then you need the right kind of kit. Which means a drysuit. Ocean Rodeo wrote the book on kitesurfing drysuits and here the Ocean Rodeo crew take us through their flagship drysuit: the Soul. Before we talk more specifically about the Soul, what can you tell us about Ocean Rodeo’s background in the drysuit industry – when did you make your first drysuit? We were making drysuits since day one! With our commitment to being on the water here in frigid Canadian waters we knew that we had to do something to eliminate excuses and to make a suit that was sport friendly. Common problems were always about how bulky suits were, how they weren’t really too breathable, and how much of a pain they were when you weren’t on the water. Being based in Canada, was developing drysuits a necessity and what difference does a good drysuit make to when you can ride out there? A good drysuit is what makes kiting a 365 day a year sport in locations with cold waters like Canada. Mobility when kiting is a must. Proper insulation and breathability is a must. The ability to cool off between sessions and not stay in full drysuit mode was a must. Through kiting we were forced to innovate and create a suit that is not just for kiters but is for the avid outdoor enthusiast. The Soul can be used on a stand up paddle, for sailing, and much much more. The suit moves without feeling heavy. Taking off the neck seal for standby mode allows for you to stay comfortable between sessions. And the difference between this and a thick wetsuit is that you’re always in comfort. In wetsuits, the warmth is only there when you’re in the water. Changing in your van in freezing conditions is never fun and just frustrating to do. You’re wet, you’re cold, overall it’s miserable. In a drysuit you’re never wet, simply change back into your usual outerwear and be on your way. I guess that unlike a wetsuit you have to get it 100% right. If a drysuit leaks then it is not doing its job (and is dangerous) – how do you test a drysuit to be confident that it’s 100% fit for purpose? The testing is rigorous and for us at Ocean Rodeo, the part that we take the most seriously. Our suits are put through a number of stress tests to test that our suit works, not for a season, not for a year or two… the suit works. We have customers who have bought suits when the company first started and are still using them, 100% satisfied. :K1 147