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The harness has a lovely ‘velvety’ feel to it – what’s the material used here? We only use premium neoprene, because the feeling is good but also because it resists better to UV rays, tearing and fading. The entire harness is built with premium neoprene so there is no stitching or bumps against the skin. Then the Adaptive Shell is coated with a silicone layer that gives the extra soft touch you are talking about, this is mostly for aesthetic reasons! We felt like people were a bit afraid of putting something stiff against their back, so instead of going for the carbon ultra-stiff look, we took the opposite way and made a ‘soft looking harness’ that you want to cuddle! Which harness are most of your team riders using now? Definitely Eclipse! Only a few team riders remain with the Union or EXO, most of the time because they want a harness that can turn around their waist. The Eclipse stays pretty much in place, so it doesn’t work so well for them. Have you considered offering a surf-style sliding spreader bar? Yes! It just arrived in shops… It is built with a Kevlar construction, special anti-abrasion ropes and a front leash attachment. Check out our website for more information. So, a couple of years ago you had one harness, now you have three – are there any more on the horizon?! I don’t think we will have a bigger range in the future… We like to keep a small range to be able to improve our products each year. Having too many products will only confuse the customers and will block our team’s creativity. Our main goal now is to improve actual models, and it is the most interesting and challenging part of the job! 145