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MANERA An all-new harness from Manera. First things first: it looks the business… Second thing: what was the plan with the Eclipse? We caught up with Manera’s Julien Salles to find out. Hey Julien, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. So there is a new harness in the Manera line up – the Eclipse. Can you talk us through the main features and where it sits in the line up? Hey guys! Yep, our new baby is born. It took three years to develop, it was quite frustrating as we were already ‘almost perfect’ one year ago, so we spent the last year working on details, construction… The Eclipse works the same way the Union and EXO did, we have a frame called ‘Adaptive Shell’ on the back that takes the pressures and distributes them evenly for a good support. Only this frame is stiffer than on the other models. Thanks to its stiffness the harness gives a better support, which allowed us to make a lower profile, so the harness is quite small around the waist for better freedom of movement. Then we have a new ‘gel foam’ that provides pillow-like comfort, and we still use our proven technologies like the Tuckflaps and Down Hold System that prevent the harness from riding up. In terms of where it sits in the line up, our goal is to build and offer a clear harness range: for our European customers the Eclipse is €299, the EXO is €249 and Union €199. The philosophy of all the harnesses is the same, but the higher the price, the higher the stiffness of the harness and lower the fit.