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THE CYCLE OF [KITEBOARDING] LIFE Editorial W hen you’ve been around the kiteboarding block a few times (and I’ve been kiting for 17 years and working on kite magazines for 10, so a windburned and haggard character I am) you’d have to be pretty dim not to notice that the global gaze of the kiteboarding masses follows an annual course which is almost as dependable as this planet’s slow orbit around the sun. (Note: this is not particularly surprising as the placement of the planet and the heat of the sun does of course dictate the seasons and thus the wind. Physics lesson over). The kiteboarding year generally starts in Cape Town. Although the first signs of life from the beating-heart of the kiteboarding world may begin in November, it is only once the excesses of Christmas begin to be forgotten that you check your [insert social media brand of choice] feed and suddenly all of the pro riders, brands, and probably a few of your mates, are all lording it up in Cape Town. In bed until 11 every morning, downwinders every afternoon, and braais and beers every night. Blah blah blah. And then of course kiteboarding’s Blue Ribbon event takes place in February: the King of the Air. It’s the ultimate way to kick off another kiteboarding year and gets everyone amped. While in the northern hemisphere you may still be struggling to de-ice your boots before each session, the sight of those warm South African beaches is a taste of what’s to come… As we shift into spring, the boots come off and the shots start filtering through from European shores… Greece, Sardinia, Portugal and – of course – Tarifa… The Euro season is in full swing so a lot of you guys who spend eight months of the year imagining the water is warm, the