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S eeing the photo and my home city reminded me of how I got to be here. I was born in Rio in 1992 and I started to surf when I was young; around six years old. Because of this, in 2004 my parents decided to move to Florianopolis in south Brazil which is probably the best place to live in Brazil for surfing and kiting. It was in Florianopolis that I had my first contact with kitesurfing. I was going to surf but actually I came home earlier because it was too windy, and when I crossed by the lagoon I saw some kites flying, that just made me wonder about the potential of ‘kite plus waves’. A few weeks later I met probably one the most important people in my life, Roberto Veiga. He was looking for a kid to teach and train. Back then we didn’t have many kids learning how to kite so I was incredibly lucky, and it’s something I will do myself one day, to give a kid the opportunity I had. . A couple of years later I signed to my first kitesurf contract and it helped me to grow as a kitesurfing competitor, especially for the opportunity I had in 2012 when I competed in my first KSP World Tour event in Peru as a wildcard. I remember it like yesterday, my first heat against one of my idols and best friend today, Mitu Monteiro. I won that in a pretty close heat… After that, everything just started to happen fast, I started to compete on the wave tour and got third place in the final ranking in 2013 and 2015, and then became a North rider, traveling and discovering new places to shoot. I also managed to keep studying and so have now graduated with a marketing degree. I’m still competing on the world tour, training my body, and getting some good results – especially on the wave stops. I am also working closely with Duotone and Sky Solbach, developing wave boards, and I’m also addicted to sports like snowboarding and surfing. So, this session was a good reminder of where I have come from and where I have got to a few years down the line!