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A n n e lo u s: Last year, together with the Kite Mansion crew, we built the first proper kicker in Brazil. We were lucky to have the help of Xavier Decour, a good friend of ours and owner of La Source cable park in France. The first design of the kicker we drew looked pretty good in our eyes, but when we got the dimensions to Xavier we found out we made the kicker way too steep with way too much kick! We changed the dimensions and the first session we had on it was just unreal. We realized we had made a proper kicker and it turned out that we actually made the best kicker we have ridden on with a kite so far. We definitely learned a lot from last year in terms of storing the kicker and making different anchor points. Now we have anchors set up on the right, on the left and on the place where we store the kicker. Here we are now, the best park riders in the world are lapping in our kite park and we’ve got a stop here for the Kite Park League. So we started from zero and have had plenty of setbacks along the way, but with an amazing crew we have managed to realize our dreams and create our own little paradise here… T H E D R E A M L AG O O N 129