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At the time we were also just getting into park riding and we decided we wanted to build some rails and a kicker to film a wildcard video for the Triple S. Sam and Nico were motivated to help and it wouldn’t have been possible without them. We went to the hardware shop with a design of the rail we wanted and we built a sketchy kicker and a handrail on wooden legs. We didn’t expect the handrail to be so heavy and we needed at least four people to move it! But we had made our first rail project happen and we promised Sam and Nico to come back the next year. We came back as promised and decided to spend all our time at the Kite Mansion. Over the years we had seen enough of the famous lagoons and we couldn’t wait to ride our empty lagoon again. During the off season, the Kite Mansion had completely changed, with all new bungalows and rooms, and with a pool with a view right on the kite spot. We couldn’t believe all the work the guys managed to get done and they had turned it into a world class kite destination. Also, we found out that we could put the metal rail that we built the year before in the lagoon. The rail was so heavy that we could just put a buoy on it and leave it there when the tide comes up. A le x: The good thing with heavy handrails is that they sit on the bottom and don’t move at all. If you have big tides at your home spot then having a floatable rail can be a nightmare, but with these heavy rails you only have to flip them back up, figure the right angle and you are ready to go.