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It's crazy to look back at this amazing journey... S o, h ow h as it co m e a b o ut ? A le x: It all started 10 years ago when my parents organized their first kite trip to Icapui with our kite shop, Matos. A Belgian friend of my dad’s was managing a hotel in Icapui at the time and helped us discover this beautiful place in the south of Ceará, Brazil. We had some amazing holidays over there with wind every day. Once we arrived back home, my dad told Sam and Nico that this was one of the most amazing places to set up a pousada. They booked a flight a few weeks later to check it out and they never came back! The Kite Mansion has come a long way and it’s crazy to look back at this amazing journey. A n n e lo u s: The first time I came to the Kite Mansion was three years ago. Alex and I were in Uruau for two months and Sam, the owner of the Kite Mansion, asked Alex when we were going to visit them since it’s only a two hour drive from Uruau. In Uruau there were some arrangements between the locals and the kiters which meant we could kite in the lagoon during the week but not during the weekends. This gave us the perfect opportunity to go visit Sam and Nico. I had never been to Icapui and also Alex hadn’t been there for a few years. We went to visit and while Sam was showing us around we came across an amazing lagoon that appears at low tide and is only 10 minutes away from the pousada. We went back to Icapui every week from then on – the lagoon was so good that we didn’t want to leave. T H E D R E A M L AG O O N 123