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Snatched Sessions I only have a few hours of daylight before it gets dark again, so I need to get out and use it. In Northern Norway we have two months of darkness during polar night season and the sun never rises above the horizon. It says goodbye, and then to say hello again it gives us the craziest light show on the sky… It’s cold and I can feel the wind in my face. It’s a bit painful, but after a while you get used to it. It’s crazy out there. The wind is so strong that I am out having fun with a 3m kite, but after a while I must come back in because everything is frozen. My lines, depower and wetsuit are covered with ice. It’s hard to do tricks in these kinds of conditions, but the feeling is still really special… The atmosphere, the cold weather, the light, and the mountains covered in ice and snow. Everything is so beautiful up here. I can only do one session because when you stop, the cold temperature takes over your body. It’s all about moving. If you are moving, you are fine. But as soon as you stop, the cold gets painful. S E A S O N A L F L AV O R S 115