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Janek Grzegorzewski NAME: Janek Grzegorzewski AGE: 18 MAIN SPONSOR(S): Core Kiteboarding, Xcel wetsuits, Dermedic, Wind Water Waves HOME SPOT: As I come from the center of Poland, my closest home spot is Rewa, but I feel that my real home is in Tarifa or in Cape Town. ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: > 2nd place Go Big or Go Home 2018 – Chalupy, Poland > 1st place Full Power Kitefest 2018 – Tarifa, Spain > Junior World Champion 2018 Shred (with team) – France I just started competing this year with one goal in mind - to get into all the Red Bull Big Air events. My first achievement was to qualify for the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge. Unfortunately, the competition has been cancelled for 2018 but all who have qualified are going to compete in 2019. Can’t wait for that! I also took part in the Dakhla Downwind Challenge 2018. Not a competition against other riders but it was a competition against myself, as I made 500km downwind in five days, staying in the desert, sleeping in tents, partying and supporting other riders to complete the challenge. kiteboarding videos, especially clips coming from the best Big Air events. I’M RIDING: CORE GTS5 and the XR5 with a Choice 135 board. Mostly riding on the 24m lines to get higher, but from time to time I like to take short lines and loop low. MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: According to the Chinese zodiac sign I am a dragon, but I feel like a monkey. BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My biggest inspiration was always Nick Jacobsen. He has the best style and the best Big Air heights. I like him because he is different to all other riders, he does things that have never been done before. Definitely the most creative kiteboarder that I know. I also like to watch Jesse Richman, Kevin Langeree, Joshua Emanuel, Liam Whaley and Steven Akkersdijk. I’M CURRENTLY… LISTENING TO: My kitesurfing friend’s advice on tricks that have never been done before. Sometimes I also listen to my mom! WATCHING: Mostly kiteboarding videos but also when I’m at home I like to watch kid movies with my five-year-old brother… READING: Ha! Sorry but not this year… I am taking a gap year! IN 2028 I WILL BE: Running the most extreme kiteboarding company, so half of the day I will be chilling on the beach with my team thinking about impossible tricks that we will land, and the other half I will make my tricks come true by simply practicing them to perfection. @janek_grzegorzewski IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Go to the gym, meet with my friends but also watch 103