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Noah Stelte IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Skateboard, mostly with a Carver Skateboard. I also swim, wakeboard, and enjoy photography and videography. I AM CURRENTLY… LISTENING TO: Biffy Clyro, Anderson .Paak WATCHING: John John Florence in ‘View from a Blue Moon’, and the Andy Irons film, ‘Kissed by God’ NAME: Noah Stelte AGE: 15 MAIN SPONSOR: RRD International HOME SPOT: Wissant, France / Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: I haven´t competed yet, but will soon hopefully. READING: Pipe Dreams (Mes carnets de surf) by Kelly Slater, ‘Professional Guide to Filmmaking’ by Bradford Schmidt and Brandon Thompson MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: English Bulldog IN 2028 I WILL BE: Running my own kite brand! @noahstelte I’M RIDING: RRD Religion, RRD Global BAR V8, RRD Cotan 4.11, RRD Thrive Harness BIGGEST INSPIRATION: John John Florence Maxime Chabloz I’M RIDING: F-ONE WTF board and kite. MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION IS: Youri Zoon, because in 2008 when I started discovering kiteboarding it was his videos that inspired me and he was and will always be my biggest idol. Thanks Youri! IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Do all kinds of different action sports, and most important is just to have fun. I’M CURRENTLY… LISTENING TO: The sound of the wind WATCHING: Superhero movies READING: All the positive comments and funny memes on my Instagram NAME: Maxime Chabloz AGE: 17 MAIN SPONSOR: F-ONE / MANERA HOME SPOT: Lake Uri, Switzerland ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: > 3x Junior World Champion > 3rd overall at GKA Air Games 2018 > Currently 3rd overall WKC 2018 MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: An eagle. IN 2028 I WILL BE: 27! I can’t tell you yet because I’m just going to let my passions decide it for me… @maxime_chabloz_01