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Joris Herrewijnen I’M RIDING: Duotone Vegas with the Duotone Gambler AGE: 15 BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Ever since my brother started kitesurfing, I wanted to too. We always sailed together on the lake behind our house and I wanted us to be on the water again together. At our homespot we are known as the Slufterbro’s… always in for some crazy stuff! In Cape Town, when we kite between the competitors/ legends of the King of the Air, I just want to go bigger and higher. So, beware… I am coming! As I am 15 I am not allowed to compete yet as apparently I’m too young! So for now I just keep rocking and having fun on the water with my brother, dad and friends. MAIN SPONSOR(S): Duotone Benelux, ION Benelux, Boardguru IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Wakeboard and mountain bike. HOME SPOT: Slufter/Maasvlakte, Rotterdam I’M CURRENTLY… ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: > 2nd European Youth Championship 2016 > 2nd OZK, June 2016 > 2nd OZK, June 2017 > 1st Alternative Youth Dutch Nationals 2017 > 1st OZK, November 2017 > 2nd Belgian Youth Championships 2018 > 2nd Dutch Youth Nationals 2018 LISTENING TO: Various artists, mostly rap music NAME: Joris Herrewijnen IN 2028 I WILL BE: A regular competitor in the Red Bull King of the Air and other international championships. @joris_herrewijnen WATCHING: Netflix and YouTube READING: School books… I am not that in to reading MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A lion. Kacper Lepicki I’M RIDING: CrazyFly Bulldozer 135cm, CrazyFly Tango Kite BIGGEST INSPIRATION: In the kiting industry, it’s Carlos Mario Bebe. In everyday life I just want to be known as someone that inspires others to chase their dreams no matter the obstacles ahead. IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Do lots of different sports such as football and wakeboarding, spend time with my family and my friends, and travel. I’M CURRENTLY… LISTENING TO: SICKO MODE - Travis Scott NAME: Kacper Lepicki AGE: 12 MAIN SPONSOR(S): CrazyFly, SURFLO Waterwear, Maafushi Dive & Watersports Center HOME SPOT: Bintan, Indonesia ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: > 2016 Junior World Champion, U11 > 2018 Junior Vice-World Champion, U14 WATCHING: YouTube and Vimeo wakeboarding and kitesurfing edits READING: Inferno by Dan Brown MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: The Tiger as they are strong and they are known to be the leaders of the pack. This inspires me to do better and be better in kitesurfing as well as school, in order to show others that anything is possible if you put enough effort into it. IN 2028 I WILL BE: I hope to become the freestyle world champion, hopefully multiple times, and I also want to help the world’s plastic pollution problem. I also hope that in the next few years I will be able to combine my education with training as I feel like both are very important, but also not easy to do at the same time. @kacperkite