The Zone, Treasure Valley Issue 6, June 2, 2014 - Page 9


doing something good

and saying something nice!

Bryan Campbell: Calie, Erin, Amber, Helen and Shawn I appreciate all your kind words. Business is based on relationships and integrity, I strive to accomplish that with all of you.


Found on facebook

LIVING the liz philosophy!

Erin Thompson: Thank you Bryan Campbell from Mobile Car Wash for stopping by LIZ Headquarters to wash my car! Call Bryan to schedule your car detail while you work! Call 24-48 hours in advance and Bryan will do an excellent job!!

Helen Krivy: I hear he does an awesome job!

Erin Thompson: Oh Yes, my car is like new afterwards and he is so affordable.

Helen: Need to get his # Erin, thanks!

Shawn M Kelsing: That is awesome. I am going to have to definitely look into that.

Calie Labit: I love having a clean car and Bryan Campbell does such a great job.

Amber Shuttleworth: That is SO affordable. Will be calling

Facebook, May 30, 2014