The Zone, Treasure Valley Issue 6, June 2, 2014 - Page 6





Local Impact Zone is about giving, caring, and serving with every

interaction. When you meet someone or do business somewhere and

you have an excellent experience, SHARE IT! Doing so edifies not only the

individual and company, it also edifies YOU, because you have the

integrity to make it not about you. LIZ wants to recognize when you

build relationships, because that's what life and business are all about.

If you would like to nominate someone for this recognition, send an

email to LIZ and include the names, dates, and posts to be shared. And

who knows, maybe YOU will get caught MAKING AN IMPACT!

Posted on Facebook, May 23, 3014

"Patricia Somers: I would like to give a shout out to a very gracious lady, Jan Wheatley! We sat down with this wonderful lady who believes in her Bioceutica products so much that she gives out samples to you. Besides her business, which you need to talk to her about, she really has a genuine interest in your business to help you. Just love this lady!

Kay, my assistant, and I also met with Chris Grenfell this week. He just became a member of LIZ and created his profile. Chris is loving his wealth management career and takes a different approach than most financial people. He is all about the person or business and not about how much his commission will be on various products he will sell you. He wants you to make money with your investments, not take money from you through the products. We enjoyed meeting with him very much.

More LIZ members, John and Sandy Clark, were such a kick to sit down with this week. John writes children's books and does professional bio writing. His wife helps in the marketing and keeps him on task!. You have to meet and get to know these wonderful people of LIZ.

Have a great Memorial Day to all of our Veterans and relatives of Veterans and come back next week to meet and refer our wonderful team of LIZZERS!"

Patricia Somers, Acclaimed Business Solutions

Jan Wheatley, Bioceutica

Chris Grenfell, Grenfell Wealth Management