The Zone, Treasure Valley Issue 6, June 2, 2014 - Page 16


To provide a dynamic Social Marketplace for individuals to progress in Life and Business.

To create unified communities where giving, serving and caring are at the core of interaction.

As part of the process of creating a compelling life vision it is important to know where you are starting from today. We want to encourage you to quantify an over-arching life vision, your current reality and your willingness to pursue your life vision. It does no good to have a compelling life vision that you do not have the will, nor will you make the decision to achieve. If you find yourself extremely disconnected from your stated vision and your will, then you might want to develop a more realistic vision that will push you a little further than your comfort but not overwhelm you to the point of shutting down. Hopefully, as you pursue a more realistic vision, the vision will grow and you will grow in order to be congruent with it.

“Where am I now” is about taking inventory of your current reality. Imagine five years from now living the life you want to live based on the timeline of your life vision. Is what you are doing right now going to accomplish that? This requires extreme honesty and introspection followed up with action.

Congratulations if you are on track, most are not. If you are not on track, you have to have the courage and a plan for change. There are factors that determine your current reality and you have to weigh those factors.

"I've witnessed thousands of people where few of them have a clear path as to where they're going and why. The Life and Business Progression is an outline where we ask people to create life vision. "

~Brett Labit