The Zone Interactive Golf Magazine (UK) The Zone Issue 20 - Page 29

GOLF PSYCH may be becoming the dominant overriding factor in his game, for example what could be more of a boost to the ego of a young man like Rory than to be signed by Nike, one of the biggest brands in the world, however with this extra ego boost came poor performance after poor performance with the latest one being dropping out of a tournament mid round, this is a typical characteristic of somebody who is playing their sport with an ego orientated attitude. The next few months are going to be extremely interesting, however with the team that Rory McIlroy should have around him I fully expect him to be put back on the straight and narrow. But, if things aren’t taken care of soon we could witness some turbulent times ahead for the young Northern Irishman, be it in the near future or the coming years. The ego can be a fragile beast to let loose on the golf course and although when things are going well it can be a very powerful asset, there are only so many knocks an ego can take before it is shattered completely. Spencer Vickery - is a writer for the Zone Golf Magazine as well as a part time professional golfer. After an amateur career of playing for county and a brief spell for country he played professional golf full-time on the Euro Pro and Jamega Tour. Playing at this level made him curious about the role that attitude and mind set play in golf. He completed a bachelors and masters degree in sport psychology at the University of the West of England. THEZONE / ISSUE 20 29