The Young Chronicle: For 2nd Graders November 14th, 2014 - Page 4

YOUNG CHRONICLE November 14th, 2014 General Game Review The King of the Jungle ModNation Racers is a fresh take on Kart raching. The player can personalise the entire game, by creating their Avatar, styling their Racing Car and even building their own track and sharing it with the other play station players. If you aren’t the creative sorts, you could just use the pre-built characters and karts straight. The game is apt for 6-8 year olds and is considered to be a work of art at many levels. The creation tools are amazing, and let you easily customise your game. A must try, if you are a PS3 Fan. Mumma/papa would never send a stranger to pick you up! From your home to the bus-stop, to school and back, to play, to whenever you are alone, your safety is in your hands. While childhood is the best time in life, and you should enjoy it thoroughly, it is important that you remain alert when you are alone or with your brother or sister and without an adult. While you cannot avoid talking to aunties and uncles you haven’t met before, completely; you shouldn’t buy all that they say to you. In fact, you shouldn’t go to any aunty’s or uncle’s house without asking your mumma-papa, and you shouldn’t tell them much about yourself. In fact, set up a family password. If someone tells you that mumma sent him to fetch you, ask that person for the family password. If he/she doesn’t know the password, turn around and run as fast as you can, and inform any other adults (teachers, police officers, other uncle- aunties around) and reach out to your parents as soon as possible. A Little Vigilance and Smartness Can Save You! The king of the jungle With a mane for his crown But the numbers of this magnificent beast Are plummeting down. Lack of prey Loss of habitat Conflicts with humans Are the main threats to these big cats. 3 Now it’s our turn To do our bit Spread awareness and change attitudes Promising never to quit.