The Young Chronicle: For 1st Graders October 31st, 2014 - Page 3

YOUNG CHRONICLE November 1st , 2014 While you are busy with the Football Super League, Here are some football rules for you While the football fever is on, we thought it would be good to revise some rules. Ball Size: for children, the football size is 4, for children over 12 year olds, is size 5. Players: The maximum players per team are 11 (Goal keeper + 10 field players). Starting the Game: The game is started with a kick off at the center of the field. Till the time the kick off is passed off to another member of a team, the other team cannot enter the center circle. Goal Line How long is a game? A football game is 90 minutes long. After 45 minutes, there is a 15 minutes break, after which the remaining 45 minutes are played. Goal: The main aim of the game is to get the ball in the other team’s goal. The team with the most goals after the game is over is the winner. The ball must cross the goal line to be a goal. So, even if the ball is on the goal line it is not a goal! No Hands: No one apart from the goalkeeper can use his hands in Football. You can use your shoulder though! Even the goalie is not allowed to use his hands if a team member passes the ball. Out of Bounds: If the ball crosses the side-line, the team which did not touch the ball last before the ball crossed the line gets to throw the ball in. If the ball crosses the goal line, and the team whose goal post it is touches the ball out, it is a corner kick. If the team attacking that goal, kicks it out it is a goal kick. Player Replacements: Officially, a team is allowed only 3 players to be replaced, per game. A player can only be replaced when the ball is not in play and the concerned team has the bass. This involves a throw in, or a goal kick for the concerned team. A replacement cannot be made when the goalie has the ball in his/her hands. Page 2 01/11/14