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13_Yachtsman 2015.qxp_Yachtsman Magazine 19/08/2015 4:32 pm Page 61 Activities Bronwyn Bishop named as the 5th Honorary Patron By Stephen Collopy Ian Audsley presenting Bronwyn Bishop with her Honorary Patron’s Burgee The RPAYC hosted a delightful evening to celebrate the induction of the newest To Tom’s delight he was happy to speak before Bronwyn as he would have found Honorary Club Patron, MP and Speaker of the House, Bronwyn Bishop. it difficult to speak after “one of the greatest speakers in the world.” With Vice Commodore, Michael Lockley acting as MC for the night, Commodore, Ian Audsley opened the speeches with a very nice introduction to the Club. Preceding Ian, past Commodore, Richard Hudson had the arduous task of summarising the Club’s 148 years of history in a 10 minute speech. Richard made his summary very interesting and with some added humour, he outlined some the Club’s significant achievements in great detail. Tom’s speciality is his comic relief and it tied in well the seriousness of his words. Tom spoke with confidence and was also brave enough to ask Bronwyn for an official pardon for a parking fine which he received from Mona Vale Beach. The final speech of the night was reserved for the new Patron, Bronwyn Bishop. She captivated the audience with her kind words about the Club and what a pleasure it is for her to be made an Honorary Patron of The Royal Prince Alfred Dan Fitzgibbon spoke on disabled sailing and the success of the Integrated disAbled Yacht Club. On behalf of the Club, Ian Audsley donated a framed burgee for Bronwyn Sailing Program. He also presented to the audience his and his crew, Liesl Tesch’s as a gift for her appointment. visions on the upcoming 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio and explained their SKUD 18’s new camera system which will be used to monitor the keel and rudders and In conclusion, it was an exceptional evening for the induction of the Club’s 5th Honorary Patron. Live music complimented a delicious 3 course meal cooked will help them see if they catch any unwanted rubbish. perfectly by the Club’s chefs. Bronwyn will be the perfect fit to be the 5th Honorary After dinner, Tom Spithill took to the stage to present the Club’s Training Programs. Patron and to lend her profile to promote this already striving Club. 2015 Edition 61