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13_Yachtsman 2015.qxp_Yachtsman Magazine 19/08/2015 4:32 pm Page 55 Sesquicentenary Celebrations 150th Anniversary update By Ross Scoble We have something to celebrate. The Sesquicentenary celebrations are designed to enhance the experience and enjoyment of the Club for all Members. The commemoration will run from the opening of the Yachting season in September 2016 and conclude on the 15th October, 2017 with a spectacular day of celebration for all Members and invited guests. Through the year there will be celebratory fun and social events for all the diverse groups within the Club. The Club will be displaying many artifacts and pictures of boats and Club life over the decades. The written history of the Club is being updated and a commemorative book will be available. Souvenir items ranging from selected wines to clothing and a commemorative burgee As might be expected when we expect visitors to our homes, there will be a special will be available. effort to ensure that our Club buildings and grounds will be looking at their best. There are still gaps in our records as far as issues of “The Yachtsman” is concerned Our regatta programme will be focused to encourage both newcomers and previous and any help from a member having old copies would be appreciated. Further to contestants to visit our Club. this, if you should have some memorabilia from yesteryear it too would be appreciated if you could share it with us or allow us to take a photograph. Past members will be invited “back to Alfred’s”. A bronze commemorative medallion will be struck as was done in 1967 on the Should you have ideas or suggestions as to how we may enhance our celebrations, please do not hesitate to contact me. Ross Scoble: occasion of our Centenary. The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club has a noteworthy past and a strong future on the 17th December 1938 by the Governor of NSW. The Jubilee race that day Our membership levels are good, we have a strong yachting programme, our involved 22 starters. Jubilees had become very popular in the late 1930s both in Clubhouse facilities are excellent, and there is excellent governance through our Melbourne and Sydney with more than 50 boats built in that period. With the elected officers and strong management. Additionally, there are some 200 volunteers high level of activity of these popular boats, there was a steady growth of activity who fulfil a variety of roles ranging from start boat volunteers who have considerable in Pittwater. There was no activity during the war years as defence authorities prominence through to those who work long hours in a store room sorting through removed all boats from Pittwater to prevent them being taken and used by any invading force. archives in a most exacting fashion. The Club was established nearly 150 years ago at a time when Sydney was part By 1947 activity levels were again rising and in 1956 a caretaker’s cottage was of a colony and our nation did not ex