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13_Yachtsman 2015.qxp_Yachtsman Magazine 19/08/2015 4:31 pm Page 41 Club Yachting Storm Report By Commodore Ian Audsley best they could in the dark and difficult conditions. David Randall and Jeff Thomas both then attended the RMYC to assist with a large 65 foot vessel that eventually found its way on to boats at their marina. On Tuesday morning the weather was at its worst. There were scores of covers shredding across the marina, sails flapping and boats belting against each other and the marina. Staff from all areas of the Club flooded the marina (in pairs and wearing PFDs) to remove covers, tighten and attach additional lines to boats, add fendering and replace shredded lines in order to mitigate further damage. This was all being attended to in times of heavy rain, 45 knot winds (gusting to 60+ knots) and waves crashing over the marina. In the midst of all this, a number of boats were sadly dislodged from their cradles on the Crystal Bay hardstand and further vessels ‘arrived’ unexpectedly on A-Arm as they broke free from their moorings which then needed to be somehow towed away. To top it off, the stability of the marina was being compromised as some fingers on A-Arm beg